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The Best Day Trading Strategies for Day Traders

Day Trading For A Living

How to day trading for a living?  There are dozens of day trading strategies.

Regardless of your position, these are the tools you must have to succeed.

Infrastructure. Modern day traders rely on a combination of computers, monitors, routers, modems, and specialized software to keep abreast of the market on a 24/7 basis.

But first avoid becoming overwhelmed by learning these four basic strategies first:

  • News Trading
    – When a major news event occurs that affects the stock market, savvy day traders spring into action.
    Using this strategy is as simple as keeping up to date with current news stories and moving quickly to buy or sell as needed.
  • Range Trading
    – This is where in-depth research and patience really pay off.
    Learn the normal high and low range of a specific stock and always trade within it.
  • Pairs Trading
    – As the name implies, this strategy involves trading in pairs.
    Choose a category, and then go short on a weak stock and long on a strong one.
    By making these trades simultaneously, you dramatically increase your odds of achieving remarkable profits.
  • Contrarian Trading
    – Despite what the current momentum of a stock suggests, this strategy requires you to trade against it.
    Many beginning day traders struggle with this strategy, but more seasoned traders know that it’s a terrific way to make some serious money.

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Swing Trading Master Jason Bond has a Special Offer Just for You

Making money in the stock market is always tough, there’s no question about it.

If you’re like most individual investors, however, it’s been especially difficult during this current period of high volatility, which is why many experts are turning to “swing trading” as the best way to attack the market.

And there’s no one I know that does it better than Jason Bond!

Traders have been raving about Jason Bond Picks for over a year and some believe him to be the best teacher of swing trading and a rising star on Wall Street.

In fact, just recently he made over $11,000 on a single trade!

The trade was (NYSE:KWK) which Jason bought and alerted at $2.98 recently. Up over 33% one week later at $3.96 members witnessed Jason pay himself over $11,000!

In this market, that is simply amazing. And he does it over and over. It’s a testimony to the hard work he puts into every trade.

I wouldn’t waste your time looking at this if he only landed one good trade.  I’m telling you, Jason has the hot hand in trading right now and has delivered a LOT of solid wins recently.

He also scored big recently with $9,450 on ZAGG…. $5,100 on JVA…. $5,500 on DMD.

I could go on, but you get the picture here.

If you cashed in just ONE of these trades, you could have easily paid for his service for an entire year!

Imagine if you banked on all of them like he did?

These are not sketchy “penny stocks” either that you need to watch minute by minute while you trade them.  I didn’t believe it at first, but he taught me it was possible to make big returns with larger, “safer” stocks.

The best part is, you don’t need to be chained to your computer all day to follow Jason’s service because he sends all of his real time entries and exits by chat, SMS text and email in real time.

Since I’ve been with Jason for a year, he’s agreed to make you a special offer.


Hard to believe right?!

In just one year his chat room has grown from just a handful of members to over 400 premium members daily and I hear there’s thousands of swing traders who subscribe to his service to follow his trades.

Through this special offer, not only will you receive Jason’s swing service but he’s adding in his day trade service and long term trade service for 66% less than other investors gladly pay.

You should be aware: This is the lowest membership rate Jason can offer you at this time. And this special offer won’t last long. So, please don’t risk missing out.

Probably the thing I hear people say they like about Jason’s service the most is that because he’s playing liquid companies from the NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX typically between $.25 and $10 his service is scalable — whether your account is $1,000 or one million.

And wait until you see video lesson #1, that one lesson has improved my trades 10 fold. As a matter of fact, once you sign up and watch video lesson #1, compare it to his $11,000+ KWK trade seen above… Jason truly teaches his subscribers how to fish on Wall Street for winning small cap swing trades.

Start making money with Jason today and tell him I sent you… with any luck you’ll be his next testimonial like this one.
“I had tried many different ways to trade and make money, lost some won some. But had always been told to avoid any trades below $10. Since joining Jason, I have been learning how to make more money faster trading below $10 stocks than the high dollar ones, and my losses are smaller because my trade plan works through Jason’s picks. He is helping people understand how to create income with his trading methods and selections. Thank you Jason for introducing some profitable teaching for all of us.” ~Ed

Happy Trading,

p.s. Jason has a Master’s Degree in Education and was a public school teacher in NY for a decade before leaving to teach traders around the world – trust me when I say he’s one of a kind. You can thank me later.

How Much Money Do You Need to Start Trading for a Living?

This video will guide you through and will give you an overview.

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How is To Day Trading for a living ? Learn Strategies and Tips
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